At Trinity Equestrian Center, we believe that the pleasure and joy of horseback riding should be experienced by everyone.

This is why we welcome aspiring and seasoned riders alike.

Our elegant, well-equipped facility has horses and training resources for people of all ages and all skill levels.

Whether you’re about to ride a horse for the very first time, or you’re an experienced professional looking to retain your horse-riding skills, our equestrian center has a place for you.

All-Year Horseback Riding

Conveniently located in Germantown, about 10 miles away from Hudson, NY, Trinity Equestrian Center is the ideal place for horse-riding all year long.

No matter the weather, no matter the season, our spacious indoor and outdoor arenas ensure that you can ride whenever you want to.

We pair you with a horse that’s just right for your experience level, and design tailored programs that cater to your specific requirements.

Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with comprehensive education and make your time on horseback highly enjoyable and fun.

Whether you’re interested in riding lessons, horse care, or training, our equestrian center has the perfect services for you.

In Hudson, NY? Your Search for the Right Equestrian Center Ends Here!

Residents of Hudson, NY, no longer need to search for the perfect equestrian center.

From our top-of-the-line yet reasonably-priced boarding facilities to our well-trained horses and ponies, at Trinity Equestrian Center, we’re proud to offer services that make horseback riding a delight.

Our special ‘pony camp’ program has been developed for young children. It gives kids the best introduction to the exciting world of horse riding that they could ask for.

Grownups — and even older adults — can now become more confident in the saddle, thanks to our customized lessons and training methods that put them first.

Our location makes us easily accessible from Hudson, NY. You’re welcome to pay us a visit and discover the magic of our full-service equine facility for yourself.

Leave us a message or give us a call at 845-337-0244 to book your appointment today.